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Then I accompanied supermarket shelves of the day

by:Hshelf     2020-05-15

supermarket shelves are our company's main shelves, also have a lot of supermarket shelves, also we also market need to go to the supermarkets to check the usage of supermarket shelves and some users' Suggestions and feedback to us. Which we often deal with the supermarket.

one day, spent the day with supermarket shelves. That is an old old customer to do an interview, because he is near one of our customers, also often talk to them, will be this also with them very well. That day because they are a bit urgent, is really can't afford to delay, a cutting and put the whole supermarket to me to look after, although this entire supermarket shelves all the product price, I don't have to do is expected to see go, stacks of where is the supermarket shelves lockout, is so lonely.

it is originally said a while back, so that I don't have to keep this a bunch of supermarket shelves for a day, but it didn't solve, back to not come, have to I keep all the way down. But also is a special day, is not always thought there would be such a strange day.

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