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Things about Custom Gondola Shelving with Slatwall

by:Hshelf     2019-12-07

High-quality, well-structured, and durable gondola shelving with slatwall backings is the ideal store decoration solution for a variety of medium-sized retail stores. These flexible units can be fitted with accessories such as display hooks to sell everything from stationery to clothing accessories. Custom gondola shelving comes in various styles and designs, so retailers can choose the product that best fits their store environment. 

This affordable gondola display shelving can be placed anywhere in the entire store, giving customers a great browser-friendly shopping experience. What Are Custom Gondola Shelving with Slatwall Backings Slatwall gondola units are freestanding displays with horizontal slats that can accommodate a range of shelves and accessories to display wares in the store. The slat panels are separated by a series of 100mm grooves. These grooves are equipped with 1mm-thick aluminum inserts which slotted brackets for slot wall shelves (such as melamine, metal or glass shelves) can be inserted, as well as accessories such as metal hooks or acrylic display stands. The gondola shelving with slatwall backings is free-standing, so it doesn’t have to be attached to walls. 

Retailers can place single-sided units up against walls or have double-sided, H-stands or 4-way stands installed anywhere on the shop floor. This offers retailers great flexibility when they are planning their store layout, allowing them to arrange the gondola shelving units in rows, grids or even into a more free-form design. Where Can Gondola Shelving with Slatwall Backings Be Used? Examples of stores that can take advantage of the custom gondola shelving with slatwall backings include: Pharmacy stores - It sells products of all shapes and sizes and requires fast inventory turnaround, so it can benefit from the ease of use and flexibility of the gondola shelving with slatwall backings. Medicines and hygiene products can be stacked on traditional shelves, and packaged goods can be displayed for hanging sales. Shoe stores - The footwear product can be displayed on a separate acrylic gondola stands. They can be easily placed on slat panels to form a wall of shoes, sneakers, sandals, etc. Hardware stores - The strong load-carrying capacity of the slatwall units means that heavier tools can be effectively displayed, while smaller items can be hung on attached hooks and containers. 

Gift shops - The gondola shelving with slatwall backings adds an appealing appeal to the stores, enabling them to choose a variety of display options and accessories to sell gifts in all shapes and sizes. Clothing stores - From discount stores to high-end fashion stores, custom gondola shelving can be effective for garments which can be folded neatly on elegant glass or melamine shelves, or hung on hooks. Electronics stores - Gondola shelving display stands are available in different sizes to accommodate mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Packaged products can be neatly hung on display shelves. Benefits of Gondola Shelving with Slatwall Backings Practicality - One of the great advantages of gondola shelving displays is its ease of use. Everything is easy to assemble - the accessories slide in and out and are easy to use. The gondola shelving with slatwall backings is easy to keep clean and tidy. And because it is free-standing, the custom gondola shelving can be easily moved around the store. It also makes the browsing process very easy for customers. 

 Durability - The MDF panel is tough enough and scratch-resistant, making it last many years if properly taken care of. All units are equipped with a sturdy base that can handle the heavy load of a large number of products or individual heavy goods. Flexibility - These gondola shelving units offer a wide range of options and are equipped with accessories such as shelves, spikes, and baskets, allowing the store retailers to display numerous items in multiple ways. The rearrangement of the gondola shelving with slatwall backings is easy, which means that the entire whole custom gondola shelving stands can be converted in minutes, making it ideal for busy stores with quick product changes. Attractiveness - The cleanliness of the slatwall design makes the store look very organized and elegant. The finished panels look eye-catching, which relieves the pressure on the store retailers. The gondola shelves are also easy to clean, so dirt and dust are not a big issue. Space-saving - Gondola slatwall shelving allows retailers to display a large number of different items on walls and aisles, reducing the need for large and heavy containers to fill store space. The smoothness of the custom gondola shelving units means that they can be arranged in the store in a way that maximizes the viewing space. Affordability - Gondola shelving with slatwall backings is one of the affordable shop decoration solutions in the market. Because it is made of reasonably low-cost materials, its prices can be kept low. This makes the slatwall gondola unit a popular choice for retailers of all types.
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