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Titanium alloy shelf customized

by:Hshelf     2020-05-15
Supermarket shelves industry new products emerge unceasingly, the emergence of the titanium alloy shelf broke traditional shelves new pace of the market, customized titanium alloy shelf edge the construction period is short, fast delivery, improper opening of your valuable time, flexible in size, style vogue is novel, selective, colour collocation titanium alloy shelf customized products do not fade, not deformation, durable, easy to display, in order to show. Using customized titanium alloy shelf different pattern and colour collocation gives overall effect reveals the brand power of synchronous let your product show different show in front of consumers, customized titanium alloy shelf material introduction, skeleton titanium alloy profiles, features, repeated use of lower cost, without being limited by the venue and commodity exhibition, electrophoresis, surface oxidation treatment, the colors are, site design site, according to the product special needs to shoot the light and transparent glass connect fully display, different places customized titanium alloy goods shelves can be mounted to the glass door to prevent the loss. Titanium alloy shelf made basic elements, decided to style, size, color, function, pay a deposit, the production processing, acceptance, payment, product placement, use. Titanium alloy shelf order all materials; Titanium alloy, glass, plate, shoot the light, hardware accessories.
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