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To introduce the characteristics of the supermarket shelves

by:Hshelf     2020-05-18
Due to the different shelves are used in different areas, its role is also each are not identical, of course, the manufacturer will according to the different application requirements of shelves for scientific design, it makes different shelves have their unique characteristics. Supermarket shelves so, of course, have their own distinctive characteristics. Generally has the following characteristics: one is the supermarket shelves used welding way connect pillar and footing, which makes shelf is more stable, don't store too much goods, make shelf appear deformation, which leads to its safety performance degradation, while destabilise the shelves, may also be because the problem such as collapse, fracture cause personal injury of consumers. The second is the surface of the supermarket shelves are through the strict processing, such as cleaning processing, pensu processing, etc. , this is for the sake of aesthetics, on the one hand, on the other hand is also in order to make the shelves prolong service life, is not in use process affect the safety and hygiene of the goods due to rust. Three is supermarket shelves generally has the branch of the single side, double side, supermarket can choose according to own actual need, no matter what kind of shelves, are able to freely adjust its layer spacing, very convenient. Four is the modern supermarket shelves have all kinds of special accessories, so that it can improve the generality, make it better adapt to the modern supermarket to the requirement of equipment, especially in the comprehensive supermarket, is more convenient. Five is beautiful appearance, the color will also be able to free customization, let it more in line with the demand of the supermarket, make its more modern. Six is the surface of the shelf a lot of processing, shock, rust and corrosion.
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