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Usages of intelligent floor standing hand sanitiser

by:Hshelf     2020-05-03
Theoretically speaking, there are advantages and disadvantages to working with gloves. The disadvantages are: the temperature of the gloves is close to the body temperature, the moisture is difficult to dissipate and the humidity is suitable, and the same can reproduce a large number of microorganisms. The advantage is that due to the isolation of gloves, the disinfection and sterilization intensity is increased, the microorganisms are killed more thoroughly, and a higher safety factor is provided for consumption. For food practitioners, hand disinfection is a simple and negligible part, and it is basically ignored. There are many opportunities for hands to touch the outside bacteria, viruses, and dirt. They are simply soiled. There are about 800,000 bacteria in a pair of unwashed hands. Assuming that the first hand disinfection is not complete, or that the hands are reproduced from scratch within 60 to 90 minutes due to the lack of second hand disinfection, even if the food in the front is sterilized, it is very simple that the bacteria are contaminated by the second hand. In the future, mildew leaves a hidden danger. Enterprises should establish a sanitation and disinfection program of 'active hand washing, active hand drying, and active disinfection' and implement 'GMP', 'SSOP', 'HACCP', and 'QS' sanitation programs. A smart floor standing hand sanitiser is equipped to save a large amount of disinfectant and improve work efficiency when it reaches the standard request, preventing secondary pollution before and after disinfection, quickly killing hand bacteria, and accounting for the time after the first sterilization. It is recommended to decontaminate the hands every 60 to 90 minutes to isolate the reproduction and reproduction of hand bacteria. After the floor standing hand sanitiser is equipped with a smart hand disinfectant, if 75% medical alcohol is used as the disinfection medium, the process is: 'Induction soap dispenser hand washing-faucet flushing-induction drying-induction hand disinfection'; other disinfection solutions are used as the disinfection medium. : 'Induction soap dispenser washing hands-tap washing-induction hand disinfection-induction drying'; it is recommended to choose either method, because there is no residue on the hands after the alcohol volatilizes.
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