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What are the characteristics and uses of heavy shelves?

by:Hshelf     2019-12-14

I don't know, how much do you know about the shelves? In fact, in our daily life, shelves are various, and they can be divided into several types according to their bearing capacity: Heavy shelves and light shelves. Today, we mainly know about heavy shelves!

Heavy shelves are actually called beam shelves. In addition to these common names, some people also call it a cargo shelf. Of course, this name may not be very common. Especially in recent years, this kind of shelf has a wide range of applications. So, what are its uses and corresponding characteristics? Let's get to know each other!

1. Its application range is extremely wide. It is one of the most common shelf forms in most shopping malls and supermarkets. It is also suitable for most warehouses.

2. Under normal circumstances, the goods will be stored in the shelves for corresponding storage after being assembled through the unit assembly equipment such as pallets and storage cages. According to many investigations, the load in each container of heavy shelves is usually within 2000 kg. Each layer usually has two units.

three, about the span of each unit shelf. Generally speaking, the span of unit Hshelf Shop Shelving is within 12 meters, while for some areas that have been exceeded, it is within 30 meters.

Four. Heavy shelves usually use mechanical handling equipment to carry out corresponding work such as storage operations.

5. It has a function that other Hshelf Shop Shelving do not have. That is to say, it can have the characteristic of 100% goods being arbitrarily selected, which brings more convenience to everyone's operation. The storage job not only saves time, but also is convenient and fast.

In fact, after reading the above, you will find more benefits about using heavy shelves. Because its self-locking force is very strong during the whole installation and use process. This also ensures that the shelves are safe in use and forklift operation, bringing more convenience and quickness to people.

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