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What are the classification of optional supermarket shelves manufacturers wholesale?

by:Hshelf     2020-05-22

supermarket shelves refers to position products in the supermarket of the stretcher, the early stage of the shelves in our country, that is, people often say that the loading of an iron wood also

supermarket shelves refers to the stretcher, put the goods in the supermarket of shelves in our country, that is, people often say that the loading of the iron wood and glass and so on a variety of. Supermarket shelves of varieties and what is useless? Embellish of supermarket shelves will help you to answer, for you to choose good quality attic shelf. Embellish of supermarket shelves products are widely used in logistics, shopping malls supermarkets, toys, gifts, food and beverage, industrial machinery, hardware appliances, store display, export products fair, household articles for daily use and so on each aspect. Embellish of supermarket shelves manufacture co. , LTD. , perfecting the management system, beyond the self, want to customers want, to supply customers with all the planning layout, shelf displays, etc. Supply perfect goods distribution, shelf device, etc. Supermarket shelves categories of heavy and complicated, according to the supermarket, Stores) Can be divided into the following categories: first, large supermarket shelves, Can also be called hypermarket shelves) 。 Supermarket goods display, so the shelf bearing requirements higher. Its primary customer is mall. Second, the specification of supermarket shelves, Also called medium supermarket shelves) The super shelves development planning is designed for standard supermarket shelves, bigger is the feature of simple, beautiful, it has no big supermarket shelves as messy accessories varieties, and also made the corresponding adjustment on display method, more and more attention to the product function and humanized display show. Its first customers for the local medium-sized supermarket chain type.

3, convenience store shelf convenience store shelves for convenience store, drugstore shop, choose no things device concept, simple device. The characteristic of the large shelf is delicate, simple, beautiful, strong specialization. Supermarket shelves according to its use in stores bearing first divided into: 1, single shelf ( First used to rely on a wall) 2, 3 double sided shelves, end frame, For a line of the two ends of the double sided shelves) With the continuous development of the supermarket industry, in order to meet the demand of the display of the supermarket, enterprise and developed a series of zone shelves, such as cleaning shelf, clothes rack etc. Listen to the small make up, feel there has been a variety of supermarket shelves and use must understand? However, in real shelves of choose and buy when must have a variety of questions and difficulties. Choose to guangzhou,, let you easy to buy shelves, feel free to choose, and after-sale help customers to choose the appropriate shelves. Make & other; Goods real frame & throughout; Is no longer at all. At present the main selling products are: high-quality goods shelves, storage shelves, Included lightweight storage shelves, storage shelves, component storage shelves, universal Angle steel shelves, etc. ) Supermarket, supermarket shelves and auxiliary equipment, books, audio and video shelves and other auxiliary equipment.

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