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What are the design requirements for the sample display cabinet?

by:Hshelf     2020-02-17

sample display cabinets are no stranger to many people, especially for some business exhibitors and those responsible for display, sample display cabinets with excellent design and quality decoration can have a finishing touch. So how to choose a good quality sample display cabinet, what are the specific requirements for the design of the sample display cabinet? Let's take a look at the following small series.

The sample display cabinet is mainly used for storing and displaying samples, so it must have strong permeability and is usually made of special glass, it has the functions of resisting beating and crushing, and will not damage or damage the sample when moving reasonably. Therefore, the sample display cabinet has unique requirements in design material and structure.

The sample display cabinet is used to hold samples. Its function is to highlight samples, although the display cabinet itself is not the main display body, however, there is also a certain emphasis on the selection of the display cabinet modeling scheme. The overall color tone, selected materials and appearance texture of the sample display cabinet must be consistent with the displayed samples and do not appear too abrupt, in order to achieve a satisfactory display effect.

In addition, the sample display cabinet also has certain requirements in size and structure. For some samples with large shape and volume or special size, it is usually necessary to tailor the corresponding sample display cabinet for it, so the measurement of size is very critical, and for some particularly small samples, it is best to use the form of layered placement to avoid too messy, or loss, etc.

The sample display cabinet seems to have a very common appearance, but in fact, it is more exquisite in terms of design materials and functional requirements, and it is required to fully reflect the characteristics of the product, it is also necessary to ensure the safety of the exhibits. Some sample display cabinets used in special environments also have lighting requirements. At present, many sample display cabinets provide customized services from manufacturers. Customers can contact and communicate with experts according to their actual needs, and finally achieve satisfactory results through production.

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