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What are the methods for installing supermarket convenience store shelves?

by:Hshelf     2020-01-20

One of the equipment that needs to be purchased before opening a supermarket or convenience store is the supermarket convenience store shelf. Some shelf manufacturers will provide on-site installation services, while others will not provide this service, at this time, you need to install it yourself or you can hire someone else to install it. If you have no experience or do not understand the installation instructions, you may have some difficulties that cannot be solved, and you may not be able to pass the safety standards after installation. Next, I will introduce my own methods and precautions when installing supermarket convenience store shelves.

1. After the purchased shelves arrive, the customer should check the shelves one by one according to the delivery list. This step is very necessary. One is to be used as the receipt certificate, the second is to avoid the leakage of parts by commodity manufacturers and delay the installation time, so as to avoid affecting the opening of the business. Therefore, once the omission is found, it is necessary to contact the manufacturer in time and request a timely replacement.

2. Open the packaging of the supermarket convenience store shelves one by one according to the names of the parts on the package and the installation instructions. If the number of operators installed is small, it is recommended not to open the package at one time. The order of unpacking for reference is column, upper and lower connecting rod, hole back plate or back net, front baffle, shelf bottom plate, and finally laminate and support. The unpacking sequence is determined according to the order of shelf structure installation, and the laminate and support are finally unpacked and installed. Finally, the price bar is stuck into the laminate and the installation is finished.

3. The following problems should be paid attention to during shelf installation :(1) The anchor screw of the column is used for leveling the shelf to ensure that the anchor screw is completely in contact with the ground; (2) The laminate must be stuck in the position with the pallet arm of the laminate. If the laminate card is not in place, placing the commodity laminate will easily cause forward inclination and cause danger; (3) The laminate and the arm must be used together. The arm that is not matched may have safety hazards.

if there are more Hshelf Shop Shelving in supermarkets and convenience stores, installing shelves will be a big project, therefore, from the beginning to the end of the installation, we must carefully follow the steps step by step. In addition to the installation methods and precautions mentioned above, we also need to pay attention to avoiding the use of brute force during the installation process, at the same time, avoid knocking the shelf with hard things to avoid damage to the plastic layer, affecting the use and beauty.

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