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What are the principles of shelf customization?

by:Hshelf     2020-01-03

Suzhou shelf customization is the choice of many guests, because it can better meet their own requirements and save more space. Generally speaking, the standard of Suzhou shelf customization is different from that of conventional shelves. Therefore, manufacturers are required to plan according to the needs of users and then customize them. So, what are the principles of Suzhou shelf customization?

1. Suzhou shelves should be customized according to the principle of maximizing space utilization:

The area of each warehouse is limited, if you want to expand the utilization rate of the warehouse in the original warehouse area to reach a lower storage cost, then when customizing the shelves, you must follow this principle, otherwise, there is no difference between buying ready-made shelves.

second, Suzhou shelves should be customized based on the principle of goods:

warehouse shelves are mainly for storing goods, therefore, the shelf design should understand the warehouse's collection of goods standards, weight and other data, and plan according to the collected data and information, so as to truly tailor the shelf.

3. Suzhou shelves should be customized based on the principle of understanding the layout of warehouses:

In addition to understanding the goods entering and leaving the warehouses, also understand the warehouse layout, reasonable and scientific layout, reduce the waste of dead space, these are the designers to do before the custom shelves.

4. Suzhou Hshelf Shop Shelving should be customized to understand the principles of goods circulation and management methods:

designers should understand the warehouse management methods and the circulation methods of goods, and formulate a reasonable layout plan for warehouse shelves; Whether the circulation is manual or mechanical, the reservation of aisle space shall be carried out according to the first-in-first-out criteria for goods.

from the above four aspects, it can be seen that Suzhou shelf customization is not a simple matter. It is necessary to pay attention to a lot of details. If you write something, you must think about it in advance, otherwise, users will not get the expected effect when they use it in practice. If you also want to customize the shelves suitable for your warehouse, please contact our staff!

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