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What are the supermarket shelves of model specifications

by:Hshelf     2020-05-18

with the supermarket industries are booming in China, and supermarket shelves with all over the domestic each big supermarket; So, how was it type and specification of the mobile phone, and what are the criteria for the!

the kinds of supermarket shelves can say very various, in composition classification has the following several kinds of 1. Single network supermarket shelves 2 back. Supermarket shelves 3 double back net. Single back supermarket shelves. 4. Double-sided backplane supermarket shelves;

and supermarket shelves of the specifications of the several kinds: 1. Back single specifications for: L900 * D350 - 450*H1200- 1800平方毫米。 Back double specifications for: L900 * D700 - 900*H1200- 1800 mm3。 Back single specifications for: L900 - 1200 * D400 - - - - - - - 550*H1200- 2500 mm4。 Back double specifications for: L900 - 1200 * D800 - 1100*H1600*2500mm。

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