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What factors should merchants consider when customizing shelves?

by:Hshelf     2020-01-30

where there are goods, there are shelves. Whether it is a factory or a supermarket, a bookstore, a shoe store, etc. , the shelves are widely used. However, in addition to the size of the goods, the shelves also match the layout of the space. It is difficult to have the same standard size for different spaces. Therefore, in order to make good use of the space, many stores choose special manufacturers to customize shelves. Today, Suzhou shelf customization manufacturers tell us what factors businesses should consider when customizing shelves?

1. Determine the size of the shelf. The size of the shelf is very important. The shelf customization determines the size of the shelf not only because of the cost control, but also the rational use of resources. Therefore, it is recommended that customers do not pursue the personalized size too much, thus causing waste of materials and excessive investment.

2. Determine the connection form of the shelves. It is recommended to use the form of plug and bolt connection, because considering the convenience of transportation, installation and movement, the shelf in the form of assembly is more suitable.

3. Determine the color matching of the shelves. The color matching of Suzhou shelves is an important part of whether the shelves can achieve the expected display effect. The general requirement is that the color of the steel frame is similar to or the same as that of the wood board, customers are not recommended to use color contrasts that are too large.

Suzhou shelf customization for businesses, can be made according to their own space, and product characteristics, and, A store with a style like a coffee shop bookstore can customize the color and shape of the shelves according to the overall style. Moreover, the materials of the shelves can also be selected according to customer needs. The market potential of customized shelves is unlimited. With people's demand for personalized products, the customization requirements of Hshelf Shop Shelving are getting higher and higher. Shelf manufacturers need more preparation for product performance and modeling, adapt to the needs of the market.

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