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What is the difference between one supermarket shelves and double supermarket shelves? To the

by:Hshelf     2020-06-05
We are in the purchase of supermarket shelves, will find that in addition to the shelves of the specifications of the size, there are two types, that is, single and double sided shelves shelves, that there should be a lot of people want to ask what is the difference between the two shelves? How to apply into the store? Now I talk about the shelves. 1. Single-sided and double-sided shelves is one of the most obvious difference between different display area, single shelf can display only one side, and double sided shelves on both sides can be displayed. 2. From the height, single shelf in 1. 8 meters or so, and double sided shelves in 1. 35 meters. 3. Single shelf because only one side can display, so when use tend to be placed against the wall, effectively save the pharmacy display space, improve pharmacy plateau effect. And double sided shelves because both sides are on display, so when use is generally the pharmacy in the middle area, convenient to display more goods for customers to choose. Above is the difference between single supermarket shelves and double-sided supermarket shelves, such as a need shelf products, welcome consultation shelf factory!
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