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What is the use of heavy shelves in the logistics industry?

by:Hshelf     2020-01-12

with the development of China's economy, all walks of life have entered a period of rapid development. In the past five years, one of the fastest growing industries is the logistics industry, and the development of the logistics industry makes the application of heavy shelves more and more extensive. Although there are many forms of heavy shelves in our country at present, the logistics industry has always been an important application field of heavy Hshelf Shop Shelving. Below we will explain the application of heavy shelves in the logistics industry from the perspective of the logistics industry.

China's logistics industry has developed rapidly in recent years. Heavy shelves have gradually become popular in the logistics industry due to their excellent cargo storage capacity. Judging from the current classification of shelves, if distinguished according to the structural characteristics, heavy shelves can be mainly divided into pallet beam type, shuttle type and Corbel type. However, if divided according to the support system, it can be divided into supported type and unsupported type. The structure of heavy shelves is various, which effectively solves the problems of high storage density in the logistics industry and effectively realizes the mechanization and automation of intelligent logistics.

Although heavy shelves are constantly valued in the logistics industry, not all logistics industries can adapt to heavy shelves and should be considered according to their actual situation. For example, it is like a large-scale logistics distribution center. At this time, large-scale heavy-duty shelves combined with intelligent logistics systems can easily realize the transportation and management of goods. However, if it is a level 3 and level 4 logistics distribution center and distribution center, the general medium-sized and small shelves can fully meet the demand.

The above mainly analyzes the application of heavy shelves in the logistics industry. However, in real life, shelves are widely used, such as supermarket display shelves and personal home storage shelves. Therefore, the application of shelves is very extensive. As long as there are manufacturers who can make professional customizations, any of our requirements can be easily realized. If you have shelf requirements, please feel free to contact us and you will be able to design the shelf that suits you best.

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