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What key points need to pay attention to when the supermarket shelves of choose and buy

by:Hshelf     2020-05-16
1, the shelves of the bearing, a bearing is shelf bearing the weight of each floor, this relates to the inventory quantity, the greater the bearing, the better the quality, ability is stronger, the inventory of course load is too heavy, due to the thick material price must be higher, so when the choose and buy, want to choose suitable for their products. 2, the size of the shelves, supermarket shelves to adjust measures to local conditions, according to their own warehouse layout, the structure of the warehouse, the height, width is different, so the shelf also needs corresponding custom, can make full use of space. 3, shelf color: color as far as possible choose some to decorate environment harmony, or against each other with product theme, gorgeous or excitement of easy to operation, such as supermarket shelves, we often recommend is the sky blue and orange, of course, there are blond. 4, inventory shelves: inventory mode directly affect the warehouse operation efficiency, artificial storage, storage of forklift, automatic storage operating a variety of ways. 5, shelves of materials: materials mainly embodied in the columns, beams, laminates, extremely support, support beam section size and wall thickness size. 6, shelf assembly method: simple structure, convenient tear open outfit, flexible combined modern storage requirement for shelves. 7, the shelves of warranty: normally shelves manufacturer for shelf warranty period is one year to three years.
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