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What principles should be paid attention to when placing warehouse shelves?

by:Hshelf     2020-02-03

with the arrival of a brand-new E-commerce era, platforms such as taobao and Dangdang have become an important way for ordinary people to purchase goods in their lives. Suzhou is the core area of e-commerce, the daily orders that come one after another make e-commerce full of surprises and bring great pressure. With such a large number of goods, how can we use the fastest speed to put the goods on the warehouse shelves? What guidelines should be paid attention to when placing shelves in Suzhou warehouses?

1. Shelf Guide

Hshelf Shop Shelving are customized according to warehouse size and SKU box standard, and must wrap pillars and sewer pipes, the principle of ensuring that the shelf passage is not exposed.

② Hshelf Shop Shelving are placed in vertical order according to the brand. New shelves are listed in the front of the Hshelf Shop Shelving, hot shelves are listed in the second place, flat shelves are listed in the back, and unsalable shelves are listed as far as possible. Guidelines for ensuring that goods with high turnover are stored in the shortest distance.

2. Don't go back

whether it is for shipment or receipt, you must ensure that the goods are executed on the same straight line.

3. Details of planning documentary form

Shopping malls are like battlefields. The market we are facing is a war that cannot see smoke. We are fighting with inventory, we are also fighting with delivery error rate and delay rate. I don't know how customers handle the details of logistics errors and delays. One customer made a monthly error rate and delay rate Kanban, and regarded the error rate and delay rate as the team's operational targets. If you want to win this protracted war, you must formulate effective tactics. We should take the delay rate and the error rate as enemies when planning the warehouse, and take the refined documentary form as the core of tactics.

4, only fast does not break

The e-commerce industry has extremely high requirements for speed and accuracy. If we are slightly one in a million, it is fault to the customer. It is basically impossible to achieve the requirements of speed and accuracy by relying on the control of process nodes and the ideological education of employees. Therefore, the fundamental investment of logistics equipment is the main detail of Suzhou warehouse shelf planning. Even if you don't invest for the time being, you should make long-term plans when planning your warehouse.

no matter what kind of industry customers, the planning of warehouse shelves is a big investment, so in the early planning period, we must think carefully. If you want to continue to know more about Suzhou warehouse shelves or have the intention to purchase, you can consult Suzhou Huanshi shelf Co. , Ltd.

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