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After the file using principles of shelves

by:Hshelf     2020-06-13
For many users use standard beam type shelf, after the stop lever design seems to be dispensable, so what is the purpose of the baffle rod? After the stop lever is the advantages of: 1) Can effectively prevent the tray down 2) Can make put goods shelves to look very tidy after stop lever design principle is: 1) After the stop lever overhanging the size should be consistent with the size of the tray overhanging 2) After the stop lever position determine: it is used to block pushing plate, not 3) of the goods on the pallet Baffle rod material can not too much, nor too small, after the stop lever principle similar to fuse in the circuit, select material will transfer the impact force most of the forklift truck to the shelf itself, affect the safety of the shelf, if the material is too small, and don't stop lever. After the stop lever structure: different companies use different design in principle is the same, just there are differences in details. Is generally a torque tube + after blocking rod fixed.
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