High-End Retail Shelving Solutions



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We manufacture metal shopfitting shelves and other store equipment displays for shops ranging from 100 m² to 10,000m².

The Gondella shelving systems put customers' merchandises at centre stage, allowing consumers to focus on making purchases. Discover our several solutions.

Convenience store shelves are usually a small displaying system for express stores like Tesco Express, Lidl, Carrefour express, 7-Eleven, Family Mart, etc.  Convenience store shelving is usually smaller in size with smart design, fashion look, lightweight capacity, and low economical costs. Hshelf convenience store shelf is usually designed into 30x50mm or 30x60mm with posts of small holes. The popular back panels are wire mesh grid panel, timber panel, or clear PVC panel. The shelves made of 0.5mm-0.6mm metal sheets will lower the costs.

In current years, shelving made of a combination of steel, metallic, and wood is getting increasingly popular. Hshelf always presents many fashion and market-oriented shelves and solutions, especially for a convenience store. Contact us now to know more cases we do.

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