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EuroStar Shop Shelving System

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We manufacture metal shopfitting shelving systems and store equipment displays for multiple applications and for shops from 100 m² to 10,000m².

The Gondella systems put our customers products centre stage, focusing consumers on making purchases. Discover our several solutions.

EuroStar series shop shelving is compatible with Germany-made Tegometall shelving system, which is the most popular shop shelf system in Europe for more than 40years. The system features for the regular size (most frequently used size), very simple structure, with strongest performance and reliable loading weight capacity. Hshelf has more than hundreds different parts and accessories, you can use these regular parts to build versatile retail shelving structures, DIY it like building blocks. The Eurostar shop shelf system is a perfect solution for retail shops, supermarkets, grocery store, pharmacy store, hardware and tools store, convenience stores. It’s the best seller to more than 20 different countries.

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