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We manufacture metal shopfitting shelves and other store equipment displays for shops ranging from 100 m² to 10,000m².

The Gondella shelving systems put customers' merchandises at center stage, allowing consumers to focus on making purchases. Discover our several solutions.

Gondola shelving is also called gondola shelf, shop gondola, and shopfitting gondola. It is basic furniture in a store for placing commodities in the retailing business. Gondola shelving is actually made of metal material and structured by uprights (posts or columns), and back panels (flat panel, pegboard, slatwall, grid walls).


The double side shelving is free-standing on the floor, the single side shelving (also called wall unit shelving) stands by the wall. Generally, separate shelving is placed at the end of double-side shelving (we call it to end or header gondola). Hshelf's gondola shelf features better design, high quality, beautiful surface, multiple functions, DIY assembly & easy removing, and sturdy structure. Hshelf has the confidence to improve your retail business no matter is a convenience store, grocery store, discount store, pharmacy outlets, pet shops, or the shop for cosmetics.

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