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We manufacture metal shopfitting shelves and other store equipment displays for shops ranging from 100 m² to 10,000m².

The Gondella shelving systems put customers' merchandises at centre stage, allowing consumers to focus on making purchases. Discover our several solutions.

Chrome wire shelving is also called wire shelf or wire rack. It’s versatile for commercial, industrial and household use. Chrome wire shelving is most frequently applied to retail shops, DIY stores, kitchens, garages, cold rooms, warehouses, offices, libraries, hospitals, etc. The surface of shelve can be treated into chrome or zinc galvanized or powder coated. The shelving post can be equipped with adjustable leveler feet & wheel casters. The shelf height is adjustable freely in every inch.

Hshelf provides a wide range of shelve types, such as wire shelf, waved shelf for wine bottle, magazine shelf, wire baskets, timber shelves, etc. Hshelf wire shelving is a simple but sturdy system structured by post and can be easily DIY with a rubber hammer.

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