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Hshelf is a High-end brand affiliated to JiaHe Retail Equipment Manufacturing Group who is a retail industry leader in China since 1999, JiaHe Group is the president (secretary-general) enterprise of the local Shop Fitting & Retail Equipment Association, and won the sales Championship in last 5 years consecutively. Now is one of the top 3 retail shelving manufacturing giants in eastern China.

BV (Bureau Veritas) Audited factory Grade A.

By following some brand customer’s requirement (Wal-Mart, Costco, Target, Home Depot, NIKE, Addidas), we invite BV make SER audits to the factory (Social & Environmental Responsibility), From the following aspects (Legality of the company, Management System, Anti-terrorism, Child labor & Forced labor, Working hours, Health and Safety etc). we scored Grade A. It proves Hshelf is a reliable & respectable company strictly comply with laws and regulations. It established the international credibility of our company, It helps our clients build a long-term confidence in Hshelf. It also saves costs for extra audits by our partners. Most importantly, our partners build positive emotions on Hshelf products.


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Automatic production Lines

Hshelf production line equipped with Switzerland-Made CNC laser cutting machine, Germany-made CNC bending machine, Japan-Made CNC multi-station punching machine, OTC / YASKAWA Automatic Robot welding machine, 2 of Automatic Roll-Forming-Line for back panel & shelves), 300meters long automatic powder coat paint lines. this ensured our quality stability.


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Raw Material advantages  (why Hshelf price higher than competitors?)

Hshelf is the top 3 shelving manufacturer in Eastern China, we are proficient in the steel market, active in the spot and futures markets, and keep a large inventory (1000Ton) of raw materials to ensure the stability of raw materials quality. Importantly we cooperated with high quality steel factory, the steel is refined from High quality Australian iron ore. with the smooth surface, the most suitable steel for retail shelving industry. We have Mill Test Certificate for each batch of the raw material, and send selective materials to the LAB and get 100% approval from SGS. You can see our semi products (raw material before paint) have a shining surface as stainless steel.

(WE PROMISE Not Black steel materials, the black steel is something bad grade material, UNSAFE, with bad surface with Pits, Not flat, Easy to be out of shape). It’s one of the major reasons why our price is higher than competitors.


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All Standard products are Certified by TUV.

A quality good shelving comes from Good design, Good steel material, Fine workmanship, Good quality surface and Correct installation. Something can be seen with eyes (like shape, color, paint quality), while many things cannot be seen (such as raw steel material), unless you are an expert. In most cases, the first important thing for the shelf and racking is SAFETY. The Hshelf shelving products are strictly follow the manufacturing standards and used high grade steel material. Any new product line must pass the satety weight test, Deformation test and failure test before they are put into the market. All our standard shelvings are tested and certified by TUV.


Nothing is more precious than human life, we'd rather not do business than cut corners. We are seriously shop shelving manufacturer.


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QC Checks during whole process

There are 7 QC inspection before you get Hshelf products, The QC checking start from Raw material, beside the steel factory’s Mill Test Certificate, we check quality for each batch of raw materials, and make spot check by professional testing organizations. The QC during production process contains: Pre-Production inspection by technical department (make sure precise drawing, Correct tooling), First product inspection, Quality checking on each process on the production line, Key process QC checking, Salt spray test & Impact test by random, Semi product inspection & assemble test before painting, Final Out-Gate inspection before container loading. For the new shelving products, we also have safty weight test, deformation test & failure test.


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OEM Experiences for Industry Leader and brand manufacturers

Since 1999, Hshelf have been in the retail shelving & shop fittings industry. Focus on High-End Brand Store, Exclusive Shops and Supermarket Chains projects. With 15 years’ experiences to make OEM shelving parts for world-famous brands and manufacturer from Germany, UK, Netherlands, France, Spain, Poland, USA.


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Research and Development

Hshelf have 260 patented designs in China, we have a R&D team of 20 engineers. We cooperated with “Suzhou University of Science and Technology” & “Suzhou Vocational Institute of Industrial Technology”, for Joint-Research cooperation & Provide internships for their graduates.


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Our Customers

We sell to more than 350 clients in over 40 country & areas. Many of them are big names & giants in the retail industry. 


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