High-End Retail Shelving Solutions



Discover our several solutions

We manufacture metal shopfitting shelves and other store equipment displays for shops ranging from 100 m² to 10,000m².

The Gondella shelving systems put customers' merchandises at centre stage, allowing consumers to focus on making purchases. Discover our several solutions.

Supermarket shelving is an important fixture in any supermarkets, for displaying and storing a wide variety of merchandise with different sizes, shapes, and weights. The supermarket shelf is usually made of thicker and bigger steel material so as to ensure a sturdy and stable structure, as well as reliable weight capacity. The backing panel can be flat or perforated, and the top lighting canopy is usually used for displaying advertising information. The shelving is not only used in supermarkets, but also in the grocery store, electric appliance market, electric tools & hardware stores, and retail outlets. Hshelf has more than 30 different types of supermarket shelvings for your option.

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