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Alcohol, tobacco, cases and design skills _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-26
Cigarettes, alcohol and storefront design need to pay attention to what skills, alcohol, tobacco, under our daily contact is more, alcohol and cigarettes in major shopping malls supermarkets shelves are indispensable, so for our cigarettes, alcohol and storefront design should pay attention to the skills, under the guangzhou Hshelf shelf factory to look at it. Cigarettes, alcohol and storefront design for simple cases need is in seize the consumer's eye at the first glance, the design principles should be concise and easy, beautiful. Cases and if cigarettes, alcohol and storefront design is too complicated to affect sales staff work efficiency. Cases to show the goods put can let consumer in the first place to find what they need. Cigarettes, alcohol and storefront design requires careful storefront design, thoughtful, comprehensive, cases and design scheme is discussed through don't change easily, especially not in the late changes, changes may delay construction, increase the cost, even for the opening. Budgets are often the source of conflict, and may have very big gap between the budget and design. As cases to design personnel, must be real to accept a budget, try my best to learn the design work in the budget. If the design and construction spending too much, cases and design personnel shall bear the responsibility. Therefore, to stick to figure out the budget standard, control costs, had secretly arranged to have all the items and standards, completes the design and construction work in the budget. Alcohol, tobacco, cases and clear theme exhibition shelves should be center, has a focus. The focus of the exhibition to attract attention. Exhibited focus choice should serve the purpose, general meeting is special products, new products, the most important product or value of the product. By the location, layout, lighting to highlight the point. On the other hand is to use appropriate color, charts, and decorate, coordinated way in order to create the impression of unity. Match through layout, color, lighting to highlight the focus of exhibits. Under the role of the foil is to show commodity, so storefront design theme must and exhibits the temperament, character, storefront image. Alcohol, tobacco, cases and distinct organized general cases and consists of a number of parts: layout, color, lighting, and so on, a good cigarettes, alcohol and storefront is eventually take all these factors together like nature itself, distinct, sensory let the consumer feel more easily.
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