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Analysis on structural characteristics of Attic shelves

by:Hshelf     2020-01-12
Suzhou attic Hshelf Shop Shelving have already occupied the whole logistics market and become one of the shelves with the largest usage. However, for those who have not touched the shelves or do not understand the shelves, they still do not know much about the structural characteristics of Suzhou attic Hshelf Shop Shelving. Next, let's introduce it to you!

1. Suzhou attic shelf belongs to the assembled integral structure. It does not need welding when assembling, and the whole is beautiful and generous. And compared with the ordinary shelf of the steel structure, the position at the bottom of the shelf itself plays a supporting role, so it has the advantages of low cost, high space utilization rate, etc.

2. The panels of Suzhou attic shelves are made of patterned steel plates, flat plates, punched steel plates and other varieties, and can all have the characteristics of fire prevention, ventilation and illumination. When carrying goods up and down the floor, you can choose forklift, hydraulic lifting platform, freight elevator and other methods.

3. Generally, the carrying capacity of Suzhou attic shelves is 300 to 1000 per square meter, and the carrying capacity of columns is extremely strong; Primary and secondary beams are currently the most economical and reasonable H-beam cold-formed beams in steel structure engineering.

4. The gusset plate structure adopted is fixed with primary and secondary beams, and the whole platform structure has strong integrity, different building panels can be selected according to actual needs to meet the requirements of fire fighting, dust prevention and small falling prevention.

5, because the whole is a combined structure, the installation is very simple and quick, no screws are needed, the size can be customized, and the use is extremely convenient, it is the first choice for large, medium and small enterprises to choose storage shelves.

6. Suzhou attic shelves can better save the space of warehouses and increase the utilization rate of space, and its specifications can also be customized according to their own needs, very convenient and simple.

The above is an introduction to the structural characteristics of Suzhou attic shelves. I believe it can help everyone to choose shelves well. Especially is in so chaos of shelves market select a professional, formal of shelves manufacturer pick out quality better price lower more suitable for own of shelves!

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