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Candy rack display layout _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-20
If you the supermarket or a convenience store, so what are the most common shelf? Maybe you will answer: convenience store food shelves, shelves against the wall, snacks, shelves, candy, etc. The guangzhou Hshelf rocket factory took everybody understand understand convenience store bulk shelf layout requirements. Convenience store bulk shelf is one of the numerous shelves, it is mainly used for supermarket display bulk candies, biscuits, jelly, dry goods, etc. , can be placed with complete products. On hearing the bulk, we will feel very disorderly, so many small food all stacked together are not random? This time, the bulk shelf display management is very necessary. Because brand more cargo is scattered, its claim to display different from general convenience store shelves. Bulk goods shelves should be reasonable display and layout, make a display beautiful and tidy, make consumers have the urge to pick. So, the following is the display layout requirement of bulk goods shelves, candy: 1, easily identified by plain code marks a price, every kind of commodity price should be correctly display at the bottom of the goods, and customer oriented. 2, goods display to be orderly, don't confuse. 3, each of the goods storage area to fill in any arrangement solidly furnished, don't be left blank. 4, shelf height is unfavorable and exorbitant, practical considering the elderly and children to convenience of our customers take goods. 5, arrange goods to the relevance, satisfy consumers one-time purchase. 6, commodity price according to the degree of sell like hot cakes and vertical display. If you want to learn more about convenience store bulk goods shelves, the knowledge of the candy rack, please pay attention to 'Hshelf shelves', we will continue to update shelf knowledge.
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