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Chinese style design, let beauty of pharmacy points minutes new highly _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-18
Guangzhou Hshelf Hshelf pharmacy shelves manufacturers use Chinese style design, through the combination of modern elements and traditional elements, the building can meet the demand of modern aesthetic, rich traditional flavor the wisdom of the pharmacy. A Chinese style element, delete numerous to luxury, increase more concise on space decoration, the adornment of a lot less costly, lamps and lanterns collocation is exquisite, elegant, hang a picture, green plant pot, add the Chinese style element, make whole space feeling more rich, big and empty, thick and heavy, doesn't have a style and depression. Second, concise hale and hearty, pay attention to symmetry space decoration with the straight line of concise hale and hearty, mirror a modern to pursue simple shopping psychology, more catered to pharmacy, in the design style with the plain collect inside pursuit, make 'Chinese style' more practical, more rich contemporary sense. On the general layout, symmetrical balance, style is elegant. Three, distinct, function space design is very exquisite Hshelf pharmacy dimensional administrative levels, according to the store space layout, made a separate functional space. Distinguish between prescription drugs by different rack area, traditional Chinese medicine, medical equipment, cosmetic products, health products and other areas. Relevant article recommended drugstore shelves to put what's the scientific method of drugstore shelves display for the layout of the pharmacy shelves
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