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Choose open supermarket store address what pay attention to?

by:Hshelf     2020-06-09

would like to open a 200 - 300 square meters of the supermarket, but found the city size supermarket too much, some business good, some is not good. So, how to choose the supermarket store address, what to pay attention to?

location survey to thorough scientific, comprehensive supermarket site selection should think big, grasp the city commercial conditions, including the type of community, community facilities, traffic condition, urban planning, consumer and commercial properties, etc.

community types: first, to see the natural conditions, such as terrain, climate, and then survey administration, economy, history, culture and other social conditions, to judge the centre community or remote communities? Is a noble white collar community is also emerging civilian community?

community facilities, schools, hospitals, parks, tourist facilities, government agencies and other public facilities can have the effect of attracting consumers. Therefore, understanding the types of community facilities, number, size, distribution, etc. , the location is very meaningful.

traffic condition: this is the most direct impact on the supermarket site selection factors, such as the city to the suburbs traffic conditions, traffic conditions between buildings and so on. For warehouse supermarkets, therefore, business scope is large, generally are in urban-rural fringe, away from the downtown, near the supermarket had better have more public transport stop, this can attract customers to come shopping over a long distance.

community planning: development plan, such as street road widening project, high-speed, elevated highway construction plan, etc. , can have a huge impact business environment in the future, should be timely capture, accurately grasp the development trends. Can only be expected the understanding of urban planning, the store's location is in line with the planning requirements, and later shops around the situation changes, in this way can the shops within the scope of business circle after customer make a reasonable estimate quantity and other conditions, so as to make a prediction for the long-term development of the shop. Resident factors: residents of the community population, households, income, consumption level, consumption custom make detailed research, etc. Commercial property:

the supermarket on the number of employees, business area, such as sales to have accurate plan.

finalize store locations also look at 12 indicators of preliminary locking community structure after the basic understanding of business, the next step is to gradually narrowed, selected the supermarket before the final location, also reference 12 indicators, business specific summarized as follows:

( 1) Commercial properties. Rules set up shop main area, of which areas should avoid to open a shop;

( 2) The population and the number of households. To know a certain business scope should be some number of households;

( 3) Competition store number. To know the number of competition in the certain scope of business circle shop;

( 4) Passenger flow condition. Minimum number of pedestrians, or survey estimated through the front

( 5) Road conditions. If there is a distinction between such as sidewalks, street, type and quantity of the vehicles, road wide factors such as;

( 6) The status of the nearby shops. Such as variety, scale, external decoration, style of management, etc. ;

( 7) Site conditions. Such as shop area, shape, foundation and slope, height, location, the sunshine condition, the condition of roads linking, etc. ;

( 8) Legal conditions. When building or rebuilding the old shop stores to find out whether accord with city planning and construction of laws and regulations, especially for all kinds of restrictive provisions;

( 9) The rent. To partition period limit to rent;

( 10) The necessary conditions of parking. Customer parking Spaces, and vendors stock space; It is very important.

( 11) The highest amount of investment. In order to forecast the turnover of or stores area as a benchmark;

( 12) Staff configuration. In an area as a benchmark to regulation, such as service area of not less than 20 square meters per person.

once don't change easily decisions after store locations, such as when shaken, or often shake, destroys the chain operation of normalization, and even the destruction of its stability and security. Of course if there is a competition or store is too small can't expand, investors can consider to change store locations. Splendid xiangjiang macro city supermarket, for instance, decided to abandon the Chinese redbud now graceland, store locations, moved into the splendid xiangjiang mountain and water garden of being sold, the reason is that by neighbor XinYiJia strong pressure. Macro city supermarket business area of 200 square metre only, whereas XinYiJia has more than 8000 square meters, whether from the scale of stores or quantity, the macro city supermarket cannot compare with XinYiJia fitting, since can't compete with, as an alternate way to store locations to find their own living.

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