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Cold storage shelves to install in, carrying little common sense

by:Hshelf     2020-06-05
Cold storage in general have a fresh, cold storage, frozen library, library at low temperature. In which the temperature of the frozen library, generally at minus 30 & deg; The following for shelf installation and goods transportation has a lot of restrictions. Increased the pace of life, the development of the quick-frozen food rise quickly, now people's life will be frozen food is basically. A lot of frozen food from production well at that moment, just need a quick frozen into the refrigerator. When it's minus thirty degrees of temperature very fast frozen food can have effect. Also there are a lot of 0 to 5 & deg; The preservation of the warehouse, in the service of the food industry, cold storage warehouse widely used. Food stored in the refrigerator, were mostly use another shelf and heavy shelves. Cold storage of goods on the bearing capacity of the demand is higher, the two shelves in the refrigerator is the most appropriate, but because the cause of the temperature, installed in the two shelves in cold garage is a very dangerous thing. After entering the cold storage shelf parts, easy to guide the now cold storage of water vapor condensation frost and the frost, installation personnel are ready for foot slippage and surprises. Add another shelf and heavy shelves, tend to be more than three layers, well versed in shelf height is higher, sometimes can achieve five or six meters climbing install shelf is the norm, the temperature is too low, joint activities does not open, stiff limbs, action is changeless, risk is higher. So install shelf in a freezer necessary security measures, Safety helmets, rubber soles of shoes, knee and elbow pads, etc. ) Is indispensable, an installation need people to help, you can't rush. Custom-made shelves enterprise best can provide more related assistance. , of course, are now mature refrigerator basic dehumidification equipment, can ensure the freezers in dry environment, won't make the condition of the ice cold storage, but there are also some enterprises loopholes in cold storage, cannot achieve dehumidification completely. Freezer goods are basically need tray bearing, have pallet loading the goods, all need forklift handling operations. And shelf freezer basic are primarily, therefore limited narrow the distance between shelves and shelves, only allow forklift in and out, unable to turn, big forklift can't normal into. Can only choose electric kind small forklift. Also need to pay attention to when using forklift tire slip resistance, cold to prevent cold storage ground frost deposit ( The professional cold storage are dehumidification) , prevent slippery is very necessary. Electric forklift truck, due to the power and fork take weight of goods is limited, so the working time will be very long, a forklift operator, also need to do to keep warm. Cold storage special operating environment, caution is shelf installation personnel and cargo handling personnel must have a state of mind.
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