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Commonly used type of maternal and infant store shelves have? _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-26
As countries two-child policy open, expanding the market prospect of the maternal and child stores, in mall and cell, everywhere you can see the existence of one or two from shops. Maternal and child stores the goods need to use and store shelves to make the visual display of the product. So what kind of shelves for maternal and infant stores use? In consideration of maternal and infant stores consumers mainly infants and pregnant women, postpartum mother, have a high request for goods of all kinds of security, shelves to smooth edges and corners, so on the choice of shelves above must also choose environmental protection safety shelf material. Normally we common in maternal and child stores are mainly steel shelves and wooden shelves. Steel shelves process requirement is: by the high quality cold rolled steel as the material, after the mature production technology, raw materials to cold rolling forming after pickling, phosphating, coating, drying and so on a series of crafts processing into finished products, in the packing and shipping to customers. Only after a series of production technology and processes, to producing perfect maternal and infant store shelves. Maternal and child store shelves types are: single-sided, double-sided, milk powder, diapers, cosmetic rack, feeding rack, mummy supplies, children's clothing shelves, opening tongchuang shelves, rack and some promotions, exhibition and some toys, such as advertising signs. Due to a variety of maternal and child stores, we can according to their own stores in choosing a shelf products and stores the size of the actual situation, the reasonable choice of storage shelves, choose according to their own store decoration design shelves put, make shelf and decorate one integrated mass, high fit, make consumers when shopping at ease. Guangzhou Hshelf shelf is a production, design, sales, construction of an integrated shelf equipment manufacturers, in the shelf industry development for many years, the main production convenience store shelves, drugstore shelves, maternal and child store shelves, supermarket shelves, stationery shop shelves, fruit and other kinds of stores use shelf type. Hshelf shelves is worry, sweet, ease of brand. A good shop choose Hshelf shelves. Relevant article recommended the importance of maternal and infant shop shelves of maternal and infant shop shelves factory answer: maternal and infant shop shelves of choose and buy the skill from mother to child shop choose what material of maternal and infant store shelves more durable?
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