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Commonly used what is the size of the display case

by:Hshelf     2020-06-10
With modern commercial competition is increasingly fierce, many merchants in order to gain more advantage in the competition, can be said to be spent to the best of the state of mind, store decoration and showcase their products can be said to be the merchants the value of a, whether clothing shops, or shoes, or jewellery shops have reveal ark, reveal ark will not only a good show in front of the consumer goods, also can be more aesthetic feeling, so we often see in daily life reveals ark, what are the dimensions and specifications? In the process of the island ark of all production ( That is what we call low ark) , the default regular size is 1200 x600x1000mm ( Length x width x height) , but very few keep unchanged this specification, and basically no stock mobile display cabinet. Because each customer's exhibiting ark space certainly is not the same, so the size is changing. At the time of design and production, in addition to consider space factors, consider the size of the design is in accordance with & other; Practical, safe, reasonable & throughout; The principle of. For example, if a mobile phone shop is 6. The amount of space, 3 m * 8 m, if at 6. 3 m side according to the size of regular size to design mobile phone display ark, can only do 5 section of the conventional 1. 2 m cabinet, the remaining 30 cm must not reveal ark, even as the channel is not reasonable. Between the above problems, we should consider the size of the mobile phone display case whether affect business channel, the pavement. Walk in customers of removal must be aisle, sales channels, rest waiting area, cashier area, the pit size is eventually mobile display cabinet after the reference size. The origin of the regular size, custom size for our reference what is the point? This design is a foundation, is the main reference of sales as characteristics, psychology of safe distance, image standardization. Down under the specific analysis: sales of like features: sold over the counter for women, the average height of women in China at around 158 ( Differences between north and south in 2 ~ 4 cm long) ; The height of 1 meter, a salesgirl when communicating with customers, both hands and under surface will appear more natural; And width is embodied in the body when taking goods about 20 degrees can be convenient to get the goods, also do not break elegance in the shape of a body. The safe distance of psychology: sales is the dominant people, human contact is a science, safe distance between people in the contact Normal human psychology, safe distance of 1. 2 meters) , so the mobile phone display cabinet size when the design not only consider is on display and display function. 60 cm is private distance that broke the close relationship, and broke the relationship, politeness in contact s keen, can close the distance with the customer, whether to trust and volume will be good. Image standardization to the enterprise culture is very profound influence, can manifests the enterprise the professional image of the masses. In standardized manners, according to people's behavior, to ensure the normal sales clerk and decent, solid and think the specification is the most suitable display ark is a standard size.
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