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Container (supermarket convenience stores scattered Frame) The display requirements and management methods _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-17
Supermarket convenience store shelves should be how to carry out effective management, make store shelves display reasonable, beautiful and convenient. Scattered shelves of goods in bulk candies, biscuits, jelly and other bulk food and dry goods, its claim to display different from ordinary convenience store shelves and pile head, the need for reasonable arrangement and layout, improve customer experience, increase commodity display is beautiful. Scattered shelves, candy display layout requirements are: 1, the significant price ticket price is easy to recognize. Each article of the commodities are priced at the bottom of the shelf, and geared to the needs of customers. 2, goods display cannot keep out each other. 3, each goods storage area to do the effect of 'full'. 4, convenient to take goods, consideration to the needs of the elderly and children, shelf height should not be too high. 5, commodity is relevant, meet a one-time purchase. 6, vertical display, each column to display goods according to the taste and price.
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