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Convenience store shelf space management of _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-22
Convenience store shelf space management is simply display shelves, display shelves in simple terms, is the product is placed on the arrival of the goods shelf, good display can make customers make buying decisions faster, increase the consumer satisfaction, improve commodity repurchase rate, improve the convenience store sales. Convenience store shelf space management, pay attention to certain principles, as a chain of convenience stores, the principle of the display should have the two: 1, is the consumer feel when every convenience store shopping is consistent, namely chain pattern, style, display is consistent; 2, is to ensure that the display of goods is rich and clean, display of goods classification is convenient customer shopping. Guangzhou Hshelf shelf factory today to tell everyone about the convenience store shelf space management, the convenience store shelves of goods on display basic principles: 1, always follow the principle of a commodity plate layers: a commodities layers board does not represent a should put full plate layers, but don't make unnecessary vertical display; If a product display space to extra layers of plate, two conditions must be met: display inventory target can determine the layers panel display; The goods can't be stacked. 2, the display of goods can be stacked to be stacked on display; 3, display of goods you just need to display a; 4, high turnover goods should as far as possible on the bottom shelf; 5, enhance the effect of the commodity wall: commodity upper layer board and the distance from the top of the goods for two fingers principle; 6, all the goods display surface minimum 2, 20 cm width as the best display surface length; 7, all goods must have a correct display orientation. This is a basic principle of convenience store shelves of goods on display, more shelves display principle, merchandise display requirements, merchandising standards of fresh fruits and vegetables
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