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Convenience store shelves a how many money? _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-24
To open a convenience store is simple, it still has the certain difficulty. Especially the procurement convenience store shelves, just into the line is not understand. So today guangzhou shelves manufacturer 【 Hshelf shelf 】 For everybody introduction is convenience store shelves. Convenience stores which shelves need to use? Although convenience store area is not large, but the items include edible oil, chemical, food and beverage, etc. , so you need to use the shelf is also various. According to the shelf structure, generally have double-sided convenience store shelves ( The convenience store intermediate position) , single convenience store shelves, The convenience store location) against the wall At the checkout and convenience stores. Convenience store shelves a how many money? Since the convenience stores display design needs to use a variety of shelves, so a how much money the convenience store shelves? Now convenience store shelves are basically the combination form, consists of a set of main rack and several groups of pay, specific how much is a set of shelves, to look at the size of shelves overall, and different materials, different styles and different configuration will bring the price differences, so how much is a convenience store shelves cannot treat as the same, basically be to see your choice. At the current market shelves, a convenience store shelf price range in 180 yuan - 560 yuan/set ( The single side) , 380 yuan - 880 yuan/set ( Double sided) 。 Price if you want to know more specific, it is suggested that provide the plan of the convenience store to Hshelf shelf, we will arrange professional staff for your convenience store free of the layout design, in order to discharge the placement of the convenience store shelves, give us your best price according to your choice, let you worry and effort. As a convenience store in one of the most important display props, the existence of the convenience store shelves carry goods role, not only can promote the sale of goods, to create more revenue for convenience store. Above is guangzhou shelves factory' Hshelf shelf 】 To introduce the convenience store shelf price related issues, how do you still want to know about convenience store location, convenience store operation or convenience store shelves custom-made related issues, please pay attention to Hshelf shelves.
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