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Convenience store shelves | import food store shelves how to choose? _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-23
With the development of China's economy, people's income level, consumption ability enhancement. The demand for foreign goods is larger. Open a imported food become more and more people choose, in order to better display the import goods, convenience store shelves | imports of food store shelves how to choose? Trendy decoration, rich individual character display, different flavors of import snacks, the shop is full of fashion, leisure elements, once became the new territory of consumption of young people. Fashion, trendy is pursued by the young people, in order to attract young people's consumption, we store decoration and the choice of the shelves are need to fashion and novelty. Imported food stores in the supermarket shelves choice, how should choose? The positioning of the imported food shelf is trendy decoration, rich individual character display, different flavors of import snacks, the choice of imported food store shelves above not only depends on the price, quality and appearance is the most important thing. To reflect the fashion and luxury of the stores, the import food store on the shelf color choice can use some brown, white, yellow, can make the shop appears more luxury and fashion. On the choice of material can choose gangmu combination of shelves, steel shelf is in the back or sides and layer board use real wood, after processing of the lacquer that bake, make shelf surface looks smooth colour and lustre, foot frame columns using high quality cold-rolled steel connections. Steel material shelf, above the display of the goods, can make goods looks high grade, to join the combination of real wood, make the person feels healthy green and environmental protection. After small make up observation, generally in the upscale grocery or convenience store, gangmu combination of shelves are used more widely. Relevant article recommended what are the advantages of convenience store shelves by gangmu combination of materials super practical convenience store shelves display design where there is a convenience store in guangzhou sell
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