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Convenience store shelves to know _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-19
Guangzhou Hshelf shelves for you to explain: convenience store shelves display technique, the rational distribution of convenience store shelves, the characteristics of convenience store shelves, comprehensive analytic convenience store of knowledge. 1. Convenience store shelves put skills usually convenience store shelves put according to the area size is divided into single permutation and the double arrangement, single permutation refers to put a row of single put a set of shelves; Double arrangement is put in the two groups, often urinate, shop area is not large, single permutation double-sided frame can be used with single frames against the wall, use a space do not appear drab, these is a conventional method, is also the practical pendulum method, large venues can double row single shelf against the wall. 2. Convenience store shelves the reasonable layout of the store shelves of reasonable layout, not only should according to the field, but also according to the whole beautiful and coordination, and form a complete set of display will appear the overall coordination and view, layout shelves in addition to need regular shelves, appropriate to add small tools such as a small exhibition shelf is necessary. 3. Convenience store shelves the biggest characteristic of the characteristics of convenience store shelf is in addition to the required quality pass, also requires is easy to use, easy to install and disassemble the market at present most shelves are installed, of cutting sleeve type has been basically don't need the screw, it also saves a lot of installation and removal of trouble, like one of the reasons is a lot of stores. The difference between the relevant article recommended the store shelves and supermarket shelves? Convenience store shelf arrangement should pay attention to what convenience store shelf placement rule of smoke
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