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Extending Usage of Retail Shop Shelving Accessories

Extending Usage of Retail Shop Shelving Accessories


One of the main benefits of shop shelving is the wide range of accessories that can expand their use. These retail shelving accessories can meet your different business needs. If you have insufficient shelf space, are experiencing difficulties of displaying your products, or want to make your products more visible with display shelves, adding some shop shelving accessories can help expand the use of your shop space.



Types of Retail Shop Shelving Accessories Every Shop Needs


Shelving accessories can take your retail shop shelving to the next level. You don't have to be limited to standard shelves that don't always fit your various items. Adding dividers, steel front lips, open-end baskets, etc. to your shop shelves can enable you to display any products, not necessarily standard size or shape. Here are a few types of retail shelving accessories your shop might need.


Chrome wire fencing and dividers – These flexible dividers allow you to subdivide any shelf to better fit the products you want to display. They are made of high-grade chrome-plated steel with welding clips to ensure a secure installation. You'd better use 3-inch and 5-inch dividers and fences as your shop shelving accessories.


Steel front lip – The steel front lip is as sturdy as standard shop shelves due to the same heavy-duty steel it is made from. Place the merchandise at an angle of 45 degrees for ultimate product visibility.


Candy riser – Use a candy riser to make the most of your retail shop space. Add it to your existing retail shelving accessories and use them for merchandise sales. Thanks to its open design feature, you don't have to worry about blocking windows or security threats.


Open-end baskets – Sometimes the items you sell are weird in shape and don't display well on standard shelves. Adding these open-end baskets would be a good choice. You can easily divide products and highlight them without cluttering up your shop shelves.

"Y" extenders – Half “Y” and full “Y” extenders are perfect for holding long and clumsy products such as PVC pipes, shower rods, and brooms. They are the shop shelving accessories that fit well your existing shelves.


Aisle markers – Don't let your customers walk blindly across the shop aisle. Adding simple aisle markers to your existing retail shelving accessories will let them know what to expect from each aisle, making shopping in your shop a more unforgettable experience.



How to Use Retail Shop Shelving Accessories to Solve Common Display Problems


Not enough space to display your merchandise? Not sure how to properly display strange-shaped items? Or do you find yourself constantly picking up falling items from the shelves? These are common product display issues that can be easily solved with the right shop shelving accessories. We have collected some common retail display problems and here we will show you how to keep your products displayed the way you want by using some helpful retail shelving accessories.


Limited Space


If your shop has limited space, it can be difficult to properly display everything you want in an ideal way. The key to overcoming limited display space is to take advantage of areas you don't expect before, such as the wall or end of the display. You can also use an extender to enlarge your existing shelves or change their height. Vertical expanders are another good choice among many shop shelving accessories for limited space because they add extra display space without taking up more space.

Oddly-shaped or Small Merchandise


Every shop will face such circumstances: the merchandise does not fit the traditional shelves. Whether they are strange shapes or small, loose items, it is difficult to determine how to display them properly. Shopping baskets are one of the greatest retail shelving accessories to showcase items that are not well placed on a shelf and can be used on wooden or metal shelves or on any flat surface. Baskets can easily hold all the small or weird items to keep them organized, and most importantly, your customers can easily see them. Another option for weird-shaped products is to consider using wide-span shelves. This unique type of shop shelving accessories offers multiple display levels, so you can accommodate many different types of items. It is also ideal for displaying a large number of small products.


Large Items


Large items are probably the items you want to show the most because they are high-priced items that can help you achieve your sales goals, but they also occupy the most display space. In this case, you may want to consider custom-made retail shelving accessories to fit the product you are selling. The items you sell are unique, so don’t try to fit them into standard shelves. Another option for displaying large items is to use vertical extenders. Use the slatwall display to show large items, so customers can check out unpackaged products, at the same time, you can keep some extra products hidden in the storage room.


Merchandise Falling off Shelves


There is no better way to display some items than oblique angle display, but unless done correctly, it may mean that items may still fall off the shelf. Some shop shelving accessories such as steel front lips can help fix this problem. They can be easily attached to shelves with holes and place items where they should be.

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