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Gas station convenience store design effect _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-25
The Chinese economy fast development in the reform and opening up, now the car has become an essential tool for most families, China's highway mileage is the world's first. In all over the country highway, gas station plays an important role. Gas station convenience store as its important component, also with the time development in the constantly upgraded. It is reported that the number of China's gas station convenience store has more than 3 m. Guangzhou Hshelf shelf below small make up, just to show you Hshelf shelf gas station convenience store design scheme of the latest design! 1, according to the composition of the gas station convenience store items to choose corresponding shelf! Gas stations and ordinary convenience store, the biggest difference is that many small part of the oil products and automotive accessories. Stock of goods including: water, beverage, tobacco, fast food, snacks, engine oil, car care products, daily necessities and grain and oil products. According to these stock goods, we need to store configuration island, relying on a wall and promotional display. 2, the area of reasonable design, make full use of the space! Gas station convenience store and ordinary convenience stores, need reasonable regional distribution, large gas station convenience store, including the cashier area, the high-quality goods, automotive supplies, fruit exhibits, gift promotion area and rest area. 3, the cashier area design for multi-function service, improve service quality! Gas station convenience store want to profit, also need to provide high quality service, such as oil change, fast food, washing the car, prepaid phone, etc. Can design a multi-function checkout, in addition to the cashier for the customer to drink heating, baking hot, hot coffee, etc. 4, personalized display or creative pile head for promotional display gas station convenience store and ordinary convenience store has both the same and differences in the design, gas station convenience store compare area attaches great importance to the promotion and product demonstration, paying more attention on daily necessities and snacks and ordinary convenience store display. Above gas station design is designed by guangzhou Hshelf shelves, Hshelf shelves have professional design team, providing customers with professional convenience store space design and display props design and production services.
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