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Gondola Retail Display Shelves for Your Store

Gondola Retail Display Shelves for Your Store


A floor-mounted shelving system using cantilevered shelves that extend from one or both sides of a rigid vertical back is known as gondola retail display shelves. They are used mostly for retail displays because they are easy to move and reconfigure.

Gondola retail display shelving is the heart of the store merchandising. It's the guidepost through your store that produces islands and aisles that customers depend on to navigate through your store. Gondola shelving may be used to display exactly what you would like to market when incorporated into a store floor plan that is well-conceived.

When establishing a new store or finishing a renovation, time has to be spent searching for your preferred result. The color of the gondola shelving, the arrangement of where it's set in the shop, the number of shelf levels and other factors all contribute to the final outcome.

Here we talk about 5 factors of retail display shelves to take into account.


1. Which Type of Gondola Retail Display Shelves Should You Choose?

Your choices are available in volcano panel (also called countersunk panel), punch panel, plain panel, and mesh – these are recorded in a sequence of heavy to light duty. Be aware that plain panel may be used with shelving only but is a less costly alternative. Therefore, if you're simply stocking shelf things and do not need other merchandising accessories (for instance, hooks) to your gondola retail display, then this really is a fantastic option. Additionally, you are able to use a panel that is plain with a combo of gondola retail display shelves.


2. What Colour of Gondola Retail Display Shelves Is The Best For Your Business?

In general, our customers will stick to choose black and white display shelves, but that doesn’t mean you have to. If you want to have your colors that perfectly match your store style, your gondola shelves can definitely be painted with the color you want to. We adopt a highly experienced powder coating machine to carry out your color plan of your gondola retail display. This will surely increase the lead time on your order, so you should make your plan in advance.


3. How Many Shelf Levels of Gondola Retail Display Shelves

The number of shelf levels you choose will be determined by the height, weight, and width of the products you're merchandising. That is why planning ahead of time is essential. Some customers will finish a drawing of the shelf and each bay, detailing which merchandise is moving on every shelf, together with the size and weight of items. This makes it extremely easy when it comes to purchasing retail display shelves, as our professional team will understand your weight load demands, even though it could take some time initially.

Once you've settled on the above, you will learn how many shelf levels your shop can match. Bear in mind that gondola retail display shelving comes in a variety of heights, so going ‘up’ is an alternative if you can not accommodate all your goods. You are able to elect for shelves together with the top level of the gondola unit. This extra space helps you to restock products quickly rather than having to retrieve them from the back room. Another choice is to leave kick plates in the bottom of retail display shelves, which means that store excess products under the unit.


4. Which Accessories of Gondola Retail Display Shelves Do You Need?

As previously, this will be dependent on the type of merchandise your store sells. We've got a range of gondola retail display shelving accessories, from hooks to item-specific accessories such as shoe holders and ball. If you choose hooks, be certain that the hook will support the weight of what you are displaying – a fishing store displaying anchors will probably require a very heavy-duty hook, whereas lollies will require light-duty, and so forth.


5. What Should Configuration of Your Gondola Retail Display Shelves Look Like?

When planning the layout of your store, there are tons of things to think about – more than this article allows for! One important factor is that you always need to leave enough space between your retail display shelves for prams and trolleys to browse their own way down the aisle – and when there's sufficient space for '2-way' traffic, that will be even better!

Double-sided shelving is used to create aisles down the middle and along with the side areas of the store, while single-sided display shelves are used to make the most of empty walls and corners that represent untapped showcasing potential just waiting to be utilized.

Yes, it can be a difficult task picking which shelving system will best suit your business, but by adhering to a few basic tips, it does not need to be. If you are in need of assistance when choosing your own gondola retail display shelving, simply contact us or send through an inquiry. We are pleased to assist.

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