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Good jewelry cases and how to design the pattern _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-25
Now popular jewelry has become the current fashion element, and have been responsible for the display jewelry cases to fire up, customized jewelry shelves manufacturers. For cases and manufacturers to have larger market, is designed to produce conforms to the cases and accessories business, good jewelry cases and how to design the pattern of it? The aesthetic features of a new generation of is highlighting the traits and the contact of the space, on the premise of do not change the original effect, coupled with the postmodern aesthetic elements, let the cases and also have some artistic breath, and about the goods shelves, undoubtedly add its commercial value. First is the style of the jewelry cases, style can't go with the flow, should do STH unconventional or unorthodox. To make jewelry cases and can meet the requirements of the business cases to design the ultimate goal is to attract customers. To set up a wide customer rest area. Coloured glaze, not only with the aid of a light hand in photograph reflect, it is a charming and irresistible charm of nature, glass texture has a strong zen meaning in it. Second act the role ofing is tasted the props of storefront design should be people-oriented, harmonious and unified, in the case of increase visual impact to the point, make local also wonderful. Lighting for a storefront design, can be a very important link, especially the jewelry cases. Good lighting design can be a very good product and build a sales environment. And a good color design can make the cases to more have administrative levels feeling, more harmonious. Focus on store shelves position space utilization, reasonable use of store display space, all the cases and the size of the space differentiate, should be reasonable, clear display area, advertising light box etc. Also will be placed in a reasonable position, the overall layout is reasonable. Under the size of the according to the size of the product display space to determine. Consider consumer choose and buy, try to display the best level, convenient for the customer in the exhibition space selection of comfort. Can't let customers feel integral space is too narrow, can not be good for selected activities, also can't put the whole space design is too open, feel the product is insufficient, or short of display effect.
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