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Good supermarket shelves management can help consumers comparison and choice

by:Hshelf     2020-06-02
Introduction: guangzhou supermarket shelves can add to the particularity of the main pile, hanging, vertical, horizontal, bulk, etc. , some items are more sensitive to temperature, light, cold storage with glass frame, some precious commodity of shelves of the safety measures and special requirements, some of goods available for direct contact with the customer, on the design to provide customers with more convenient enough. And then in the structure of different

we often can see. In some supermarkets entry to put some daily necessities, and with more beautiful supermarket shelves put such as shampoo, cosmetics, paper towels, etc, which are frequently used while at the exit need to put some small commodities, commodity. Things which are frequently used as salt sauce vinegar tea rice must be kept where it is relatively easy to find. Where will be pleasing to the eye of the supermarket shelves.

for consumers, supermarket shelves of good management can help them to compare and choose, help them to quickly find the required goals. And, because good supermarket shelves display, can help products to build brand image. In the supermarket shelves display of the products, pay attention to the different categories of products centrally, try to classify. If the product is horizontally placed, then the same brand, different specifications of the products should be put on both sides; If it is placed vertically, then the same brands, different specifications of the products should be put up and down. This display the purpose is to establish a solid brand cover, strengthen the visual impact of the brand. In a vivid display of the products, sales personnel should always pay attention to, must have a competitive brand in the supermarket shelves display the corresponding position, the correct choice is: there is no need to competitive brand from shelves, and should be to have more advantages than its brand position, the display area at least should be comparative with the market share of products.

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