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by:Hshelf     2020-06-25
Boiled water, fruits and vegetables this must ensure that the velocity of goods, if the goods is not selling in time, certainly will cause the loss. If the fruit and vegetable stores don't reasonable loss control, will cause the loss of profits, or even a loss. So, to promote fruit and vegetable shop timely is necessary, one is to try to store was broken of fruits and vegetables for a longer time to get rid of, 2 it is to attract more customers into the store, increase sales. Fruits and vegetables display shelf is very important, which directly affect the effect of sales promotion. The following talk about the display of several fruit and vegetable shop sales promotion methods. 1, fruit and vegetables shelves should display the zoning of fruits and vegetables for promotional display is, must be divided into open area, and the promotion area and normal sales area divided obviously, the aim is to train the customer's buying habits, promotion area inside the store, the customer when the choose and buy cheap fruit and vegetables, can be compared with fresh goods, forming a second purchase. 2 display, promotion should pay attention to the amount of stacking effect promotion commodity must have accumulated amount of feeling, if too small, cannot form a promotional atmosphere, the price must be cheap, but also to ensure quality. 3, promotion to master and propaganda the fruit and vegetable shop for injections promotion time must be fixed as soon as possible, cultivate loyal customers, can combine the horn propaganda promotion and propaganda and in-store POP publicity in the form of combination. 4, different forms of fruit shelves display can use a combination of accumulation, scattered and mixed different promotional display mode can be combined, achieve promotion effect of the root of fruit and vegetable store for promotional purposes is to increase the turnover of fruits and vegetables, to reduce loss, increase the turnover, but the operator must ensure that is used in the promotion benefits to customers, can cost price to sell, earn reputation is more important than earning popularity, don't because of a little light, give a person the sense with no benefits, and then for promotional, effect is not so obvious. Relevant article recommended 【 Wikipedia] Fruit shelves put seven principles of fruit in the fruit and vegetable shelves shelves fruit shop decoration rendering quality and fruit store decoration technique
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