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How to choose a fruit vegetable rack

How to choose a fruit vegetable rack


Different from other products, fruits and vegetables have different shapes and are difficult to display, but they are very popular with customers. So, as a retailer, how to display these fruits and vegetables becomes a big problem. As we all known, the shelf is an important factor in determining the success of a store. Today, Hshelf will give you some suggestions for your reference when choosing the shelf.


First of all, there are many kinds of materials, such as wood shelf and steel wood combination shelf.

As the name suggests, all wood frame is made of wood, without steel. The shelves of this material are usually used to show the sale of grain and grain, as well as the display of some dried fruits.

wooden fruit vegetable rack

The steel wood combined fruit frame adopts high-quality square tube structural steel as support and wood as display frame. This material structure frame is easy to make, easy to disassemble, very solid and convenient for transportation.

wood and steel fruit vegetable rack

The advantage of steel fruit and vegetable rack is that its structure is relatively simple. With steel as the frame, the fruits and vegetables are displayed in the display basket, which can be combined at will and the display effect is very good. The above is a display of fruits, and some goods can be placed below, which is very convenient to use.


steel fruit vegetable rack

Next is the size of the shelf. Now the shelves of fruit and vegetable supermarkets are generally customized, even if there are inventory shelves, manufacturers need to come to the store for actual measurement, and then arrange the size of the shelves according to the actual situation.

The general fruit store is usually not too big, so it is not suitable to choose the large shelves used in supermarkets. When choosing the size of fruit and vegetable rack, we should not only ensure the display effect, but also make it convenient for customers to pick up the goods. The average arm length of a normal person is 60-70cm, which means that when people place objects on a horizontal line, they can reach the farthest distance. If the width of the fruit and vegetable shelf is too wide, the fruit inside is difficult to choose.

fruit and vegetable store

The overall height of the fruit and vegetable rack should not be too high, otherwise it will affect the customer's line of sight. Therefore, the choice of the shelf layer is generally four layers. Otherwise, if the shelf height is controlled, the whole display space will be very crowded and the visual effect will be affected.


Finally, the fruit and vegetable shelf is the same as the supermarket shelf, the product placement must be stable, not easy to fall, and the selection of materials must conform to the positioning of the fruit and vegetable supermarket. Wood products shelf can be selected for high-end positioning, and both can be selected for general positioning. Some popular products can use slightly better shelves, and other steel shelves can also be selected, mainly depending on your relevant needs.


The above is the simple introduction and selection method of some vegetable and fruit shelves. For more info please connect support@Hshelf.com.

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