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How to Choose the Most Suitable Gondola Shelving for Your Store

How to Choose the Most Suitable Gondola Shelving for Your Store


Whether you’re opening up a new retail outlet or planning on overhauling the layout of an existing premises, you need to give thought towards choosing a shelving system that makes the most of your floor space while also looking good to customers. The gondola shelving system is perfect in this respect. Suitable for all types of stores, these shop fixtures offer maximum flexibility and can display a wide range of merchandise.


Choosing the best gondola shelving for your store can be a thought-provoking process because there are so many types of gondolas available and a wide range of selectable options such as height, width, length, color, construction material and center wall configuration.


When designing the space of your retail environment, be mindful of the placement and use of retail shelving. After all, your shelving has the ability to enhance the overall layout of your retail store and create an inviting environment for customers. Gondola shelving is the most popular type of shelving for use in the center area of retail shops because it lends itself easily to dividing the area into sections, creating aisles, and fostering a specific traffic flow for your customers.


So, in this blog, we are going to talk about the 3 questions that you should think before making decision to help choose the most suitable gondola shelving for your store.

1. What configuration should be?

One of the most proven ways to increase sales in a retail environment, is to create an effective traffic flow throughout your store while maximizing space in all four corners. When customers are able to move freely from aisle to aisle, you will be offering more visible variety, which in turn will sell more.


Then, the most important step to buying your gondola shelving is deciding on the right layout for your store.  Decide where your shelving will be situated and design a floor plan for your customer flow. It is essential that the positioning of gondolas, wall units, counters, and all other displays be carefully considered when in the planning stage.


For example, placing "in demand" items in the rear and the walls of the store, will pull the customer through the aisles, and give them more chances to pick up items that they normally would have passed by. Impulse items would be best placed closest to the checkout area. 

2. What is the best color for the gondola shelving?

Color is possibly the most important factor that affect customers to decide whether step into a store or not, as it affects us subliminally and instinctively, without our even being aware of it.


Before choosing the color of gondola shelving, you need to determine the age range of your customers, whether they are male or female, their culture, their education level, their financial status, as well as taking into consideration the type of product or service you are selling. Are you trying to attract a buyer who is price conscious, or one who is at the upper end of the market, children, adults or the elderly, male or female or both?


By understanding both the psychological and physiological impact of your choice of colors you can create a unified color scheme for your retail business that will have a positive effect on your customers and inspire them to visit you time and time again and to think of you first when they need your type of product or service. In other words, your customer will feel so comfortable in your store they will return on a regular basis and tell their friends about you.

3. What merchandise you are going to display?

The products that your store stocks will have a direct influence on the retail shelving you choose to implement. The amount of shelf levels you decide on will all be dependent on the height, weight, and width of the products you are merchandising. This is why planning in advance is necessary. Some of the most organized clients will complete a mock drawing of every bay and shelf, detailing which products are going on each shelf, along with the items size and weight.


Meanwhile, Special consideration should be paid to the type of display material being used in conjunction with the product.


For example, when using wooden shelving it would be ill-advised to place products with sharp, rough or protruding edges on the shelf as it could lead to scratches that will damage the finish of the wood.


In general, you should plan ahead when thinking of the logistics of shelving, as it is tedious, counterproductive and costly to continually have to replace or repair your shelving.

Gondolas are great for merchandising in your store's center area, but don't neglect the four corners and wall areas. A variety of wall units can be used here to tie everything together and create an environment of which you'll be proud.

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