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In the medicine cabinet put principle _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-18
In the medicine cabinet is one of common shelves in Chinese medicine, how to put the medicine cabinet, put the principle? Guangzhou Hshelf shelf factory formerly box and bottle strength to introduce these two aspects: bucket hat before box after bottle, dark cabinet alone after deposit bottle closure. Before box, which is also called telephone booth, with equal width around of ark, put on the wall in the front of the ark, is an essential counter for dispensing Chinese medicine yinpian, in front of the closed, the above qualitative hard smooth, about the above and the front with drugs to block, block is equipped with pressure on the left side table in front of the medicine. Relative to the face of the ark, is equipped with three rows of up and down six smoke box, each box four cross divisions, its characteristic is box depth, large, large capacity. Bottles of ark, namely put ZhuYaoPing medicine cabinet, about 60 cm high, about equal width and of ark, before and after the seat on the ark, and constitute a whole ark, surface with a transparent glass door, with a bottom-up step two layer platform, platform put the bottle, separated from within, a dark cabinet, for darkness in front of the cabinet door, add a warded lock on the door, the door is equipped with an air gap. Characterized by bottles of ark put the bottle clean and bold, dark ark place medicine is relatively safe and take convenient. The wisdom of the relevant article recommended in the traditional medicine cabinets to answer questions about the medicine cabinet and watching you will understand! In the design and manufacture of medicine cabinet
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