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Iron wood supermarket shelves single-sided double-sided size is how much?

by:Hshelf     2020-05-15
Introduction: guangzhou embellish of shelves before to introduce you to the supermarket shelves of materials and styles, the community again today to tell you about the size of the supermarket shelves, if you are purchasing shelves, might as well with understanding.

supermarket display design can in good order, and shelves. Before open a supermarket, hard to avoid to face the problem of shelves procurement, it looks be like simple, but missing. Because this is not just about supermarkets image, more operating conditions about the supermarket.

before guangzhou embellish of shelves to introduce you to the supermarket shelves of the material and design, community again today to tell you about the size of the supermarket shelves, if you are purchasing shelves, might as well with understanding.

what's the size of the supermarket shelves?

now on the market sales of shelves are usually combined, contains a set of the frame and several groups of pay.

to embellish of production of iron wood supermarket shelves, for example, single shelves the frame size for the L920 * W345 * H2400mm, pay frame due to less than a piece of the frame column, so the size of W345 L890 * * H2400mm.

double shelf will be the size of the main frame to L920 * * H1350mm, pay for will be L890 * * H1350mm frame size. Of course you also can according to the actual needs of their stores, choose the supermarket shelves customized products, make the shelf size more fit your needs.

supermarket shelves where to buy?

supermarket shelves needless to say, the importance of ways to buy supermarket shelves can also be reckoned. Common shelf procurement channels are electric business platform sales, agent sales and direct manufacturers of the three, one of the manufacturers selling channels is neither middlemen to earn price difference, but also in advance inspection shelves, so relatively more, and more cost-effective.

guangzhou shelf company & ndash; — Embellish of shelf is a focus on shelves manufacturer of 28 years old, have professional shelf production base in foshan, guangdong, make shelf products sold at home and abroad, gain customer consistent high praise, believe that will be your good choice of purchasing supermarket shelves.

supermarket management cannot leave the supermarket shelves, before open a supermarket, for shelf more understanding, can help you in business in the future to better design is put on supermarket shelves, in order to create more sales opportunities for supermarket, supermarket performance.

that is guangzhou shelves factory & ndash; — Size, to introduce you to the supermarket shelves, shelves on if you still have doubts on this, or have a shelf purchase demand, welcome to login, shelf website WWW. rundahj。 Com.

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