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Items in the supermarket shelves put way

by:Hshelf     2020-05-29
In the supermarket, items on the shelf put way, exactly have much impact on consumers' shopping? A simple example, the counter next to the small items, such as chewing gum or a chocolate, many people settle an account will take advantage of an opportunity in a shopping bag, and if not see here, you wouldn't go to buy these things. This in terminology called & other; The planned purchase & throughout; With the results of psychology is called & other; Impulse buying & throughout; Psychology. The items are in the supermarket shelves way, of the impact of the location factors, also have visual factors, etc. Goods on the shelf placement is very exquisite, now large supermarkets, such as wal-mart, carrefour, etc. , have specialized personnel to carry out the work on one hand, the high profits, or need a flow of goods, in the most easy to let consumers to buy place, can also be some can cause consumers & other; Impulse buying & throughout; Items, in easy to cause the psychological position, to achieve maximization of clinch a deal. Supermarkets now, inward and outward distance are Chang Yuan, this means that you even buy a bottle of water, almost all the full extent of the supermarket. It is also a kind of strategy, make you feel that go so far, then buy some more things! In you through the main sales is always the biggest, statistics show that the items on both sides of the main, seven to eighty percent of all goods sold. This is a kind of & other; Force & throughout; Form, whether you like it or not, the businessman wants to promotion of the goods, will always appear in front of your eyes, but whatever the outcome, this is not in conformity with the customers own subjective intention. In goods classification, common practice is to in the same area of the same kind of goods, while in a foreign country, a lot of supermarkets group related items together, such as milk powder, baby bottles, diapers, baby products structure is put together items in the supermarket, for a supermarket, is a good way to increase sales, is also the manifestation of detail decides success or failure, so the merchants, are in constant innovation and improvement, to make it more system, more useful!
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