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Maternal and child store shelves put attention _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-22
What are the precautions for maternal and infant store shelf displays? Maternal and child products market is objective existence, baby long cycle of consumption and China's rapid economic development of the material strength strong, and huge market space, number of maternal and infant supplies demand has risen steadily, careful management of the project prospect was quite good. Maternal and child store shelves to differentiate the following several, maternal and child stores single frame, maternal and child stores double rack, maternal and infant milk powder, maternal and infant diapers, cosmetic rack, feeding supplies, mummy supplies, children's clothing shelves, tongchuang shelves, promotions, exhibition was opened to traffic, accessories from store cashier, store photos to appreciate, toy products, image design. Manage maternal and child stores must first work to store layout and decoration, and to select suitable mother-to-child store shelves, luoyang zhongxing today factory give you about mother-to-child store shelves to put in the corner of the main considerations. A, for maternal and child stores, sales of is all some infant supplies, put in maternal and infant store shelves, in addition to put a row of island in the middle of the store cupboard, and edge set against the wall shelves, the shelves, luoyang zhongxing can be designed according to different specifications of the products. Second, general maternal and child stores group relies on a wall shelves put some toys, paper towels and so on these. As long as in the wall made of a few columns can meet the demand, can choose steel column layer board with glass shelves. Three, maternal and child stores shops decorate up actually not complex, also choose good integral style, choose good color, chosen from store shelves, etc. , can be completed. Four, maternal and child store shelves can also according to different size of the stores, asked to do different planning and creative design. Maternal and infant store shelves the design of relevant article recommended from store shelves and put the skills of maternal and infant store shelves the importance of maternal and infant stores from mother to child so, don't think the business is difficult
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