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Maternal and child stores mother-to-child shelves with what color? _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-19
Maternal and infant store shelves is an important part of maternal and infant stores is indispensable, it carries more maternal and infant supplies, to meet the needs of customers more, especially the design of the maternal and infant store shelves, then maternal and infant stores mother-to-child shelves with what color? Maternal and infant store shelves in addition to select material is excellent, we should also pay attention to the choice of style and size of maternal and infant store shelves, maternal and infant shop style design must be sweet, comfortable, make parents customers are willing to stay, to a certain extent will stop to choose some more baby items, so should focus on health and lively bright color tone is given priority to, try to choose pink, fruit green, orange, highlight the atmosphere of healthy environmental protection. Shelves shoulds not be too high, should be within the scope of the consumer visual, suggestion choice shelf height in 1. 8 m - 2. Children, between 0 m class of goods can be put under the shelf of the two layers; Profit space is large, fast to the shelf life, best-selling products can be put in parallel to the line of sight of layer board, this kind of goods generally sell very well. Guangzhou Hshelf shelves, the shelves of major convenience store and store shelves, pharmacy shelves display equipment manufacturers, such as affordable, fashionable style, welcome to inquire order ( www。 hchuojia。 com) Relevant article recommended from store shelves put what matters need to pay attention to maternal and child stores daily how to maternal and infant care commonly used well store shelves kinds are there?
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