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Maternal and child stores move line design, closing up 60% _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-23
Maternal and child stores line design, closing up 60% 1, normal planning principles at the entrance of spacious stores entrance planning: to facilitate customers in and out. We usually like to say 'open the door to do big business,' wide entrance can give a person the feeling at ease. Bright: attract customers into the store. From man's psychological feelings, a light gray entrance, it is difficult to give a person cheerful feeling, and will create the false impression that stores management is pale, bright entry will make customers feel the vigor of stores. 2, colour collocation on in-store colorific is tie-in, in general, suggest that there is a primary color, quantity is not more than two complementary color, avoid color too much, let the customer dazzled. The same kind of colour, with different light collocation, also can have the effect of the visual change. Suggest to want to highlight the present part, use different light gives cooperate. 3, lamplight of exquisite under normal circumstances, the entry and display the lights should be strengthened, the store other area can choose relatively low illumination lights, build a warm and comfortable atmosphere, prolong the guest stay in the store. 4, ceiling height: it is recommended that in 3. 1M- 3. Between 3 m. Change: at the top of the condole top of line and below the movable and category planning mutual echo. 5, laws of channel width of the channel width, the 300 - square - meter inside the store is commonly: 1. Door inn surface deposition under the 100 - meters to the main pass way anyhow in 1. 1M- 1. Between 3 m, channel in 0. 8M- Between 1 m. 2. The area in 100 - store 300 square meters, the main Suggestions in 1. 3M- 1. Between 5 m to the above time passage. In addition to the above the width of the planning law, the channel design and pay attention to the combination of curved and straight, aisle to avoid flat, monotonous, looked at the end, in order to increase the guest to stores. Relevant article recommended mother-to-child shop also can do simple promotional display shelves, can create high levels of maternal and infant stores appearance how much does it cost to open a maternal and child?
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